Yves Saint Laurent – La Laque Couture Pop Water

Laque Couture Pop Water N ° 63-64
Laque Couture Pop Water N ° 63-64

Discover the new Yves Saint Laurent nail polishes in pop tones and dazzling luminosity

Pop Water La Laque Couture

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Reinterpretation of the iconic Yves Saint Laurent Laque Couture varnishes with finesse and elegance, here are four new so trendy colors by Yves Saint Laurent. These four shades in pop colors have a glossy shine and an adjustable intensity and a radiant transparency sublimating your nails.

The Yves Saint Laurent innovation of varnishes in pop colors and at the same time translucent to vary the intensity according to the desires. To alternate a look with crystalline freshness and intense shine. These Lacquer Couture Pop Water varnishes offer a choice of three ultra pop finishes:

– A first layer for a fresh and natural effect.
– A second for an elegant and sustained finish.
– A third for a more vibrant look.

La Laque Couture Pop Water N ° 65,66
La Laque Couture Pop Water N ° 65,66

The plus: It can also be worn as a finishing filter on all the shades of the Laque Couture Yves Saint Laurent range of varnishes.

Four Pop Shades Available:

N ° 63 Rouge Wet: a red with arty pulsations
N ° 64 Fuchsia Rain: a remixed fuchsia in a pepsy version
N ° 65 Rose Splash: the vibrations of a shock pink
N ° 66 Orange Drop: a supercharged orange with a frozen effect

Create a pop look with extreme shine and impeccable hold and quick drying.

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