Valmont – Expert of Light

Valmont Expert of Light Skincare Range
Valmont Expert of Light Skincare Range

In the pure tradition of prestigious cosmetics, Valmont is launching a new skincare range that radiates your beauty by restoring your skin to its original luminosity:

Expert of Light

For brighter skin, Valmont suggests that you start the Lumière ritual as soon as you cleanse:

Iridescent Cleansing Foam – Illuminating Foamer

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The Illuminating Foamer Cleansing Light Foam is suitable for all skin types, especially for people with pigmentary spots. Indeed its clarifying and cleansing action perfectly respects the hydrolipidic film (natural protective film of the skin) and leaves a clean and fresh sensation without feeling of discomfort (thanks to) its iridescent gel-cream texture. Morning and evening, gently lather the product in the palm of your hands by adding a small amount of water then massage all over the face and neck. Rinse with clean water and apply lotion.

Valmont Brightening Cleansing Foam & Brightening Unifying Lotion
Valmont Brightening Cleansing Foam & Brightening Unifying Lotion

Brightening Toning Lotion – Illuminating Toner

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The Illuminating Toner Lotion Unifiante Lumière by Valmont is suitable for all skin types and more particularly for people with dark spots. Its gentle and progressive exfoliating action. Rids your skin of impurities that are responsible for a dull complexion. In addition, it perfects the cleansing of your skin. We cannot repeat it enough, a perfectly cleansed skin and make-up removal is much more receptive to the care that you will apply thereafter. Your skin is thus luminous, soft and toned. Using a cotton pad morning and evening, apply Valmont Unifying Lotion on the entire face and neck that you have previously removed and cleaned. Then continue your skincare ritual.

Valmont offers you through its Expert of Light skincare range highly concentrated active ingredients for optimal results!

Clarifying Infusion Concentrate

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Ultra concentrated serum with a melting texture and an illuminating and clarifying complex. Smoothes the surface of your skin for better light reflection. It illuminates and homogenizes your complexion. It preserves your skin thanks to its anti-aging action.Use the Clarity Light Concentrate morning and evening on clean skin. Apply a few drops of the product to the entire face and neck. Then proceed to the application of your cream.

Valmont Expert of Light Treatment
Valmont Expert of Light Treatment

Brightening Cream – Clarifying Surge

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Valmont Clarifying Surge Clartè Lumière cream is intended for dull and blemished skin. Its clarifying action is instantaneous indeed it illuminates and homogenizes the complexion. Smoothes the skin surface for better light reflection. In addition, it contains anti-aging active ingredients. Result your skin is luminous, smooth and intensely regenerated. The skin is soft and comfortable. You can apply it in the morning and / or in the evening, after your serum on the face and neck.

Touche Précision Éclat – Clarifying Touch

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With just one click, this radiance brush allows you to apply a concentrate of active ingredients specially combined to gradually reduce the imperfections that alter the uniformity of the complexion.This corrector is intended for skin with localized and few pigmentary imperfections. Apply in the morning and evening to previously cleansed skin and remove make-up, locally using the brush applicator tip. For optimal and targeted action, wait for the product to penetrate before continuing your skincare ritual. After each use, be sure to rinse the brush and dry it with a tissue before closing it.

Clarifying Light Mask – Clarifying Pack

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Ce masque s’adresse à tous types de peau et notamment celles présentent un aspect terne, et/ou des taches pigmentaires.Ce masque à l’effet nouvelle peau grâce à une formule riche en actifs illuminateurs. Il agit comme un gommage biologique en débarassant de votre peau les impuretés responsable d’un teint oxydé. Résultat la peau apparait éclairée, lumineuse et confortable. Utilisez le Masque Clarté Lumière une à deux fois par semaine, appliquer le en couche moyenne sur une peau parfaitement nettoyée en évitant le contour des yeux. Laisser poser 10 minutes. Durant la dernière minutes humidifier votre visage, puis masser pour une action renforcée. Rincer à l’eau. Tonifier et protéger la peau grâce à un soin adapté.

Car près de 70 des imperfections pigmentaires sont dues au soleil. Valmont propose dans sa gamme de soin Expert of Light deux produits sur mesure pour protéger votre peau des effets néfastes des UVA et des UVB tout en intégrant le pouvoir du complexe clarifiant Valmont.

Valmont Urban Radiance
Valmont Urban Radiance

Urban Radiance :

Achetez au meilleur prix le Voile Protecteur Lumière SPF 20 et la Crème Protectrice Porcelaine SPF 50 de Valmont sur Fragrenza Perfumes

Ces soins s’adresse à tous types de peaux et plus particulièrement pour les peaux présentant des désordres pigmentaires ou à fragrenza. Ces soins sont à appliquer après l’utilisation de tout produit à vocation éclaircisantes. Soin protecteur, il protège votre peau des UV, des radicaux libres grâces à une action anti-oxydantes. Votre peau apparait radieuse grâce au complexe Clarfiant Valmont et protégée des rayons UV nocifs. Pour s’adapter au besoin de chacune deux soin sont disponible dans la gamme Urban Radiance de Valmont :

– Voile Protecteur Lumière – Urban Radiance SPF 20 : Émulsion fine et protectrice pour une utilisation quotidienne.

– Crème Protectrice Porcelaine – Urban Radiance SPF 50 : Crème riche et hautement protectrice idéale en environnement urbain.

Find it at the best price with our cosmetic care partner: Expert of LightFragrenza Perfumes as well as all Valmont brand products .