The freshness novelty from Guerlain of Aqua Allegoria shower gel with Bergamot

The freshness novelty from Guerlain of Aqua Allegoria shower gel with Bergamot
The freshness novelty from Guerlain of Aqua Allegoria shower gel with Bergamot

Guerlain refreshes you with an Aqua Allegoria Shower Gel with Bergamot!

The Aqua Allegoria collection is one of Guerlain’s most emblematic olfactory ranges. Indeed, it brings together perfumes very popular during the summer season, famous for their freshness and all highlighting a very particular ingredient. Note, however, that each of the raw materials celebrated in this collection is highlighted by other secondary odors. Bergamot, in this case, is very present in Guerlain’s Aqua Allegoria. This is why the brand decided to make a Shower Gel, specifically designed to harmonize with each of the Aqua Allegoria scents.

Bergamot as a central ingredient in Aqua Allegoria Shower Gel

As the name of this new Shower Gel suggests, it has made bergamot its central ingredient. But why did you choose this raw material? Quite simply because it is one of the ingredients most used by perfumers, especially in the Aqua Allegoria collection. Bergamot has been used in perfumes for a long time. The Eaux de Cologne of yesteryear systematically contained it! Bergamot is therefore a timeless product, appreciated for its sparkling and tangy freshness. Its floral breath releases instant energy, while preserving a certain sweetness. Bergamot smells of the sun without becoming too opulent. It is also used as a binder in each of the Aqua Allegoria. Thus, with her, this shower gel harmonizes wonderfully with the entire Guerlain collection.

Wrap yourself in the creamy texture of Guerlain Shower Gel!

Presented in a cylindrical bottle, and topped with a transparent sphere, Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Shower Gel with Bergamot immediately evokes the world of Aqua Allegoria. Not content with releasing a delicate scent of bergamot, it also envelops you in its creamy and airy texture. Its sunny fluid transforms into a light foam on contact with water. Immediately, its tone takes hold of your skin and deploys scented and Mediterranean accents on it. This Aqua Allegoria Shower Gel is a true delight of refinement and energy. Both deliciously sunny and freshly musky, it has no equal in bringing a touch of happiness to your daily life!

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This new Shower Gel already promises to sublimate your body and envelop it in softness, while matching this emblematic Guerlain collection. Just like the Aqua Allegoria, it has the gift of projecting you into a soothing elsewhere with a simple breath. Indeed, the Aqua Allegoria are designed as different light and spring gardens. “From India to California, from Italy to Reunion via Venezuela, Indonesia and Grasse, [each Aqua Allegoria] brings original scents from their country”. Guerlain’s ambition is to recreate through it the emblematic scent of a country, while offering immediate happiness.