Protect your hair with Sisley Protective Fluid

Protect your hair with Sisley Protective Fluid
Protect your hair with Sisley Protective Fluid

The Protective Hair Ritual Fluid, a protective hair barrier by Sisley

Initially, the Sisley brand specialized in the creation of beauty products for the skin. However, over the course of its research, the brand noticed that the hair fiber had a texture very close to that of the epidermis. Thus, in 2018, Sisley developed a range of treatments specifically designed for the hair: Hair Rituel . The success of this assortment of products was immediate, and its effectiveness has already been rewarded with the Allure Best of Beauty Award of 2018. In this context, Sisley has therefore decided to repeat the experience and enrich its range. of care. To accompany you during your summer, Sisley invites you to discover its new Protective Hair Ritual Fluid.

Summer, a dreadful season for the hair

If Sisley designed the Ritual Hair Protector Fluid, it is quite simply because summer is a very difficult time for your hair. First of all, the sun tends to greatly weaken the scales of the hair. It acts on them just as it does on the skin and tends to dry them out or even burn them. It is therefore necessary to apply UV protection to your hair and scalp. At the same time, the wind, sea salt, sand and chlorine from the swimming pool are all elements that also weaken your hair. Here again, to help it fight against these attacks, the Ritual Hair Protector Fluid can be a precious ally. With it, forget the “straw” effect of the start of the school year and make way for sweetness!

The nutritive assets contained in the Protective Hair Ritual Fluid

As always, Sisley has favored the use of natural ingredients in the formula of this treatment. The Ritual Hair Protector Fluid contains a restructuring complex based on cotton and ceramide. The latter acts as a protective shield on your hair. It enriches your lipid fiber and makes your hair stronger every day. These effects are also accentuated by the presence of artichoke leaf, another very nutritious ingredient. A sun filter comes here to fight against UV rays. The impermeability of the fiber of your hair is further accentuated by the addition of several vegetable oils of macadamia, shea, hazelnut and camellia. Finally, sunflower seed extract is here integrated into the Hair Ritual Protective Fluid, for its antioxidant effect.

The light and protective texture of Protective Hair Ritual Fluid

Day after day, the Rituel Hair Protector Fluid sheaths and nourishes your hair, while protecting it from the harmful effects of the sun. With it, the color of your hair remains intact, whether natural, colored or highlighted. However, despite its effectiveness, the texture of Protective Hair Ritual Fluid remains very airy and light. Finally, know that this product is also scented with fresh and woody notes of verbena, lemon, amber and peach blossom.

The Protective Hair Ritual Fluid is applied to dry or damp hair, and does not require rinsing.