New Sisley Ritual Hair Volume Spray

New Sisley Ritual Hair Volume Spray
New Sisley Ritual Hair Volume Spray

Sisley’s Ritual Hair Volume Spray, for exceptional density of your hair

Initially, the Sisley house was recognized around the world for its exceptional knowledge in the skin field. Continually putting in place new research to sublimate your skin, Sisley noticed that the skin structure was very close to that of the hair fiber. Thus, Sisley quite naturally decided to use its know-how in the service of your hair.

This is how the Sisley Hair Rituel range was born , offering a whole assortment of products intended for the beauty of your hair fiber. Composed of eight essential treatments to enrich your hair, the Hair Rituel ritual also offers you the possibility of giving your hair more volume. Focus on the Ritual Hair Volume Spray.

The Hair Rituel range, the best of science at the service of your hair

The Hair Rituel assortment includes all of Sisley’s know-how in eight different products, the sole purpose of which is to make your hair stronger and more beautiful. Some of them cleanse and detangle your hair, while others regenerate, beautify and strengthen it. All of Sisley’s Hair Ritual treatments, starting with the Rituel Hair Volume Spray and the Ritual Hair Smoothing Wash (launched at the same time), offer a unique sensoriality associated with scientifically proven effectiveness. They are rich in many active ingredients of plant origin, beneficial essential oils, vitamins, minerals and proteins.

All these ingredients energize the scalp and beautify the hair fiber. Thus, your hair is treated from the base to the tip. “The Hair Rituel care routine acts both on the condition of the scalp and on the hair fiber for a global action”. What is more, each treatment constituting this ritual is a real pleasure for the senses, depositing on your hair a fresh and woody scent of verbena, lemon, amber and peach blossom. Thus, it is an olfactory delight that diffuses with each of your steps!

The densifying effect of Sisley’s Ritual Hair Volume Spray

The Ritual Hair Volume Spray is a styling treatment, both very effective and airy, which texturizes the hair and gives it more volume. To obtain an instant and lasting result, it acts from the root and takes it off the skull. It thus avoids the flattened effect of the hair at the base. The Ritual Hair Volume Spray also plays on the length by sheathing the hair and giving it more shine. Its many natural active ingredients make the hair stronger and more resistant every day.

The Spray Volume Sisley Hair Ritual displayed remarkable tenacity and resists moisture. It is also applied to damp hair, just before drying and styling. To do this, you just need to spray its formula about 20 cm from your head, by simply pressing on the top of its cap. The material effect is immediate and lasting. The volume is intense and long lasting. The shine, on the other hand, is exceptional.