Masvelt Multi-Reducing Cream, the Clarins solution to control your curves

Masvelt Multi-Reducing Cream, the Clarins solution to control your curves
Masvelt Multi-Reducing Cream, the Clarins solution to control your curves

Control your curves with Clarins Multi-Reducing Masvelt Cream

It was in 1954 that the first Clarins beauty institute opened. A meeting place between beauty professionals and clients, it soon gave its founder ideas. Clarins decided to make its own products, listening to the specific needs of each of the women entering her salon. Since that day, the brand has made every effort to improve its existing products by enriching them with natural active ingredients to serve your body. Very recently, the Masvelt Multi-Reducing Cream has been further improved. Its ambition is simple: to reduce the curves and the fat which accumulates in certain very specific places of your body.

Why do curves form in well-localized places?

Each area of ​​the body has a very specific function. So the fat is processed there in a different way. Moreover, know that, when you gain weight, on the lower part of your body (up to the pelvis), it is the quantities of fat cells that increase. On the other hand, on the upper part of your figure, it is the size of the cells themselves that increases. In general, the body has four areas of fat accumulation. Hormonal imbalances and changes in hormone levels with age tend to amplify these fatty deposits. So when testosterone is below normal, fat is deposited in the chest and arms. When insulin is out of balance, it clumps together more in the shoulders and hips. Cortisol, a stress hormone, promotes belly fat. Finally, estrogen is responsible for cellulite and fatty formation in the thighs and hips.

The benefits of Masvelt Multi-Reducing Cream

To help you fight against these totally natural effects, Masvelt Multi-Reducing Cream acts on these very specific areas. Day after day, curves are reduced and the silhouette is better defined. Thus, your body regains its harmonious contours. It looks firmer, smoother and better hydrate. Likewise, your skin appears softer, more supple and more satiny. The melting and silky texture of Clarins Multi-Reducing Masvelt Cream facilitates its application and promotes massages. 82% of users of Masvelt Multi-Reducing Cream say they were seduced by its effectiveness, and the results offered by this product are visible after only two weeks of application on the arms, and four weeks on other parts of the body.

The natural active ingredients contained in the Masvelt Multi-Reducing Cream

To achieve such results, Clarins has integrated several natural active ingredients into the composition of Masvelt Multi-Reducing Cream. Note in particular that quince leaves help improve the elasticity and firmness of the skin. Hibiscus, on the other hand, is incorporated into this product in order to hydrate your body and smooth your skin.