Joy de Dior, the new feminine fragrance

Joy de Dior, the new feminine fragrance
Joy de Dior, the new feminine fragrance

Joy, a wave of optimism is blowing through the Dior house!

Summer was the source of all assumptions about the Dior house. Finally, the news was revealed at the end of August to the general public: Dior is indeed releasing a new feminine perfume bearing the name of Joy. As you will have understood, this is a concentrate of joie de vivre, a direct echo of the famous 1930 Jean Patou perfume bearing the same name. So, real new or updated for this previous fragrance? We tell you everything!

Joy, “olfactory interpretation of light”

Joy de Dior is a perfumewhich was designed by François Demachy, the brand’s official perfumer. Far from being a copy of Jean Patou’s previous juice, it expresses the idea of ​​a clear and limpid shade similar to that of light. As its creator confides, it “resembles certain pointillist paintings with a precise technicality but which are not heavy. It is built with a multiplicity of keys, a myriad of facets that result in an expression that is nevertheless clear, obvious. “. Similar to a vibrant smile, it is both fresh and romantic while preserving a smoother tenderness at its base. Very nuanced, Joy de Dior soars on the freshness of bergamot and mandarin. Grasse rose and jasmine flood her heart with romanticism. A warmer and creamier sandalwood finally embraces the whole with softness. Finally, Joy de Dior ends with the more animal sensuality of musk.

The precious bottle of Dior

On the aesthetic side, nothing has been left to chance. Joy comes in a very luminous bottle, echoing its fragrance. A sort of glass cylinder rising towards the sky, the transparency of its walls reveals a bright pink juice. The whole is topped by a silver cap, traversed by a shiny thread. Joy de Dior takes on the appearance of finely engraved jewelry. The name of Dior is inscribed in the center of a perfect circle, a sign of extreme harmony.

Jennifer Lawrence as the new muse

Finally, because Dior does not skimp on any element, Jennifer Lawrence will be the face of its new perfume . She, who has already played in a film called Joy, finds herself the muse of an eponymous perfume. Sensual, radiant and magnetic, the actress meets us at the water’s edge, then in a swimming pool. “Authentic in all circumstances, she gives this perfume the colors of her entire personality and her sensual and natural femininity. A sparkling, disturbing and generous star. The advertising campaign for this new fragrance mirrors the fragrance itself: refreshing, sunny and extremely feminine. Joy de Dior could well be one of the most inspiring essences of this year 2018.