Jennifer Lawrence, muse of the new Joy Dior fragrance

Jennifer Lawrence, muse of the new Dior perfume
Jennifer Lawrence, muse of the new Dior perfume

The Dior house is undoubtedly one of the most prestigious brands in our region. For many decades, she has been one of those who have promoted the image of French luxury and beauty throughout the world. Each of his creations is therefore always eagerly awaited. However, the year 2018 already promises to be rich in emotions. Dior has just announced the release of a brand new perfume whose muse is none other than Jennifer Lawrence.

Dior announces the launch of an original women’s perfume

The news has just fallen and is already going around the whole planet … Dior will launch a new great perfume very soon (we now know the name of this perfume: Joy de Dior) and presents it as the embodiment of a new era for the brand. Like “J’adore” in its time, this unique juice intends to revolutionize the history of female perfumery and be sustainable. At this time, no details of his makeup or his name have been revealed. The brand’s official perfumer, François Demachy, simply said that it would be an “unprecedented fragrance and a powerful universe, marking the start of a new era for Dior perfume”. To find out more, you will therefore need to exercise a little patience. The only news communicated by Dior: the face of this essence will be that of Hollywood actress Jennifer Lawrence.

Between Jennifer Lawrence and Dior, it’s a long story

In fact, Jennifer Lawrence is not a new face for Dior . The attractive blonde has already lent her image to many other products of the brand, such as handbags, makeup or ready-to-wear. Since 2012, Jennifer Lawrence has collaborated with Dior on many projects. This role of perfume muse therefore marks just one more step in her love affair with the brand. Dior is full of praise for her, highlighting in particular her “radiant beauty” and her “joie de vivre”. Jennifer Lawrence will therefore very soon join the very closed clan of Dior perfume muses, alongside Natalie Portman, Eva Green and Charlize Theron. For the brand “Jennifer Lawrence perfectly represents the spirit of feminism liberated from the Dior collection”.

Jennifer Lawrence, a new lease of life for Dior perfumes

It should also be noted that with this collaboration, Dior wishes to rejuvenate its image. Jennifer Lawrence is very popular with young people, especially for her role as Katniss Evergreen in the “Hunger Games” saga. On all fronts at the same time, nothing ever seems to stop it. From next February, Jennifer Lawrence will be present in your cinemas in the latest “X-Men: Dark Phoenix” by Simon Kinberg. Jennifer Lawrence never stops talking about her and multiplies the projects. Yet nothing destined her to one day become a fashion and beauty icon. From what we know of her teenage years, Jennifer Lawrence was initially a true tomboy! The attractive American has definitely changed …