Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male Essence de Parfum

Jean Paul Gaultier - Le Male Essence de Parfum
Jean Paul Gaultier – Le Male Essence de Parfum

Le Male Essence de Perfume, a return to the roots of Jean-Paul Gaultier

The Jean-Paul Gaultier house is particularly famous for its eccentricity. After all, it is not without reason that the famous fashion designer is nicknamed “the enfant terrible of fashion”. If this one has to its credit an infinity of creation, both in terms of perfume and in terms of sewing, it must be recognized that one of its juices stands out from the others … You will have recognized it, it is is about the iconic Male by Jean-Paul Gaultier. However, the brand has decided to give us a new interpretation. It seems more sophisticated than ever and is now gaining in modernity. Jean-Paul Gauthier presents Le Male Essence de Parfum.

The takeover of Jean-Paul Gaultier by the Puig group

The launch of Male Essence de Parfum sounds like a slight change in strategy for the Jean-Paul Gaultier brand, and for good reason… The brand has just been acquired by the Spanish group Puig. In fact, it had until then been in the hands of the Japanese group BPI Shiseido, but Puig had already been considering this takeover for a few years. Thus, the CEO of the Spanish group, Marc Puig explained his ambition in these terms: “Our priority is not to make Jean-Paul Gaultier a profitable company, but to develop a very good brand”. Thus, it has chosen to orient its strategy towards the most iconic products of Jean-Paul Gaultier, namely Le Male and Le Classique perfumes. Jean-Paul Gaultier will therefore have to make a clean sweep of the past and will therefore put an end to all these other fragrances such as Ma Dame, Gaultier 2, Fragile, Kokorico… Le Male Essence de Parfum is a new fragrance located at the center of its new strategy. Jean-Paul Gaultier firmly intends to refocus on his essentials and sublimate them.

Le Male Essence de Perfume, a revisit orchestrated by perfumer Quentin Bisch

To achieve this reinterpretation, a perfumer was needed to match Jean-Paul Gaultier’s ambitions. Thus, if Le Mâle had been made in 1995 by the talented Francis Kurkdjian, Le Male Essence de Perfume, when it comes to him, is the work of Quentin Bisch. Born in Strasbourg, he spent much of his childhood in London. Moreover, it is in the heart of the British capital that he confides having apprehended his first olfactory memories. In addition, Quentin Bisch seems to retain a very strong memory of the smells that have marked his life. He remembers his first memories of school and the fragrances of his teachers as well as the perfumes of his parents. This is how he forged his experience in perfumery. Moreover, it was not long in asserting his taste for the profession of perfumers. He was barely 11 years old. This is how Quentin Bisch later oriented himself in the most prestigious school of perfumery: the ISIPCA of Versailles. Today, Quentin Bisch is widely recognized in the profession. This sweet dreamer is a true artist at heart who speaks above all with his emotions. Moreover, it is precisely this ardor and this love of his profession that we find at the heart of Male Essence de Parfum.

Le Male Essence de Perfume, a new legend signed by Jean-Paul Gaultier

When we talk about Jean-Paul Gaultier, we most often imagine this laughing character with a sympathetic face and body dressed in a striped sweater. However, if we speak of him in terms of perfumery, we instantly think of his iconic fragrance Le Male. Indeed, this one is a timeless one which one does not present any more since its release in 1995. Well, it seems that Jean-Paul Gaultier has chosen to reinterpret this myth of perfumery. The brand therefore presents its brand new fragrance called Le Male Essence de Parfum. This is the new kid that follows the Popeye edition .

The new bottle of Jean-Paul Gaultier

Before even talking about this new smell, let’s stop for a moment on the bottle of this unique juice. Indeed, if Le Male had made a lot of talk about him when he was released, it was also thanks to his bottle. It was a man of glass wearing a striped sweater. Today, the frosted and striped glass bust of an intense blue is therefore transformed. Its contours are sharper than before and the curve of the past has given way to much sharper edges. Its surface, meanwhile, is completely frosted and lets us glimpse the color of its bluish gray juice through its light-reflecting walls. Le Male Essence de Parfum is now leaning back slightly. Its size is more marked and its muscles more prominent. It is perfectly cut in a V and becomes the very embodiment of a female fantasy. It is then topped with a spray cabochon in a chrome tint. Everything is particularly in tune with the times. More than ever, the iconic Male seems to have been dusted off and totally brought up to date.

The virile and sensual scent of Male Essence de Parfum

In order to develop his new scent, Jean-Paul Gaultier called on Quentin Bisch, a great perfumer with a number of great successes to his credit for the biggest perfume houses. In this case, the latter worked for Jeremy Fragrance or Ex Nihilo. This time, to develop Le Male Essence de Parfum, il s’est inspiré de la nouvelle bouteille de cette fragrance. Celle-ci a été déshabillée par rapport à sa première version. Ainsi, cela a amené le nez de Jean-Paul Gaultier à travailler autour de la peau et du cuir. Quentin Bisch explique qu’il voulait nous livrer une matière veloutée, un cuir souple et animal.  En conséquent, il a gardé la fraîcheur de départ emblématique du Male Classique mais lui a donné une note plus naturelle. Le Male Essence de Parfum s’ouvre donc sur une senteur très fraîche associant de la cardamome et du citron. Puis, son cœur contient l’un des ingrédients emblématiques de la collection du Male de Jean-Paul Gaultier : la lavande. Celle-ci donne à l’ensemble un air très masculin et est associée à du cuir pour encore plus de sensualité. Enfin, le fond du Male Essence de Parfum se montre plus atypique. Les notes boisées y sont toujours présentes mais sont cette fois juxtaposée à du costus, une racine végétale venant de Chine et à l’odeur animale et sourde.