Jean Paul Gaultier Classic Intense fragrance

Jean Paul Gaultier - Intense Classic
Jean Paul Gaultier – Intense Classic

Intense Classic or the solar sensuality of a golden bustier …

The beautiful Classic was born from the unfailing creativity of the terrible boy of fashion Jean-Paul Gaultier in 1993. Ultra feminine powdered elixir, the stylist wanted it as a tribute to his grandmother’s perfume but also as an ode to the beautiful sensuality of the women he loves to dress so much. From the year of its release Classique imposed itself on the elitist perfume scene and will not leave it for several decades through marine, summer or even aesthetic reinterpretations of the pretty strapless bottle.

Yet with Classique Intense Jean-Paul Gaultier did not want to create a new interpretation of his masterful perfumed work, he wanted to keep what he called the “timeless corset” or the original notes at 40% while providing them with 60% of novelties, what he calls the “Radiant Glamor” notes. By entrusting the creation of Classique Intense to the creator of the sublime Le Mâle, Francis Kurkdjian, Jean-Paul Gaultier was assured that the proportions he wished to keep for his new perfume would be scrupulously preserved. In 2014, Classique Intense was released, a perfect blend of Classic and magnificent solar notes that were totally new and furiously feminine.

The radiant femininity of Classique Intense will be worn by a muse of absolute glamor, Rianne Ten Haken. In 2013 for Jean-Paul Gaultier, she was already dreaming, in the film shot for Classique Intense, Sur les quais, her sensuality coated with a gold corset literally bursts the screen! Let’s be clear, the Intense Classic woman radiates her world with her golden light, she has become totally and forever irresistible …

“Intense Eau de Perfume, a radiant oriental floral. Intensely Glamorous Intensely Fatal. Wearing “Classic” Intense means leaving your mark like a Stiletto that hits the asphalt. »Jean-Paul Gaultier for Classique Intense.

Reinterpret Classic to give birth to the new Intense Classic

In order to embody the golden femininity that radiates the world with its sensuality, the Classique corset is adorned with an elegant golden hue that will dress it down to the smallest detail, even in the famous tin can that carries it. However, the “Intense” signature, marked as by a line of lipstick, brings the couturier’s imagination to every nook and cranny of his work.

Classique Intense opens with the original notes of orange blossom from the beautiful Classique bottle which preceded its release by twenty-one years. However, Francis Kurkdjian adds tiare flowers and pomegranate to these radiant floral top notes in order to accentuate the ultra-solar facets of this reinterpretation. Pink heart and jasmine compete in delicacy to envelop the woman of Classic Intense in their soft veil. Finally, patchouli signs with its sensual presence this beautiful elixir of love in the frank light, marrying with vanilla and amber woods to “structure the composition, from the head to the bottom” according to its creator.

“Today icon of perfumery ,“ Classic ”by Jean Paul Gaultier, is invented in an unprecedented variation: an Eau de Parfum Intense. »Jean-Paul Gaultier for Classique Intense.

Jean Paul Gaultier presents his new Classic Intense fragrance …

Jean Paul Gaultier - Intense Classic
Jean Paul Gaultier – Intense Classic

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A fragrance with sensual and ultra-feminine notes …

It is the scent of a seductress, a domineering woman with sensual curves.

The irresistible temptation, a perfume of contrasts, carnal and intoxicating, to seduce and to succumb. A provocative and delicately sophisticated Rose.

Classic Intense Perfume by Jean Paul Gaultier

The new composition is described as an oriental and solar fragrance, containing notes of tiare, pomegranate trees. In the heart, notes of orange blossoms mingle with rose and jasmine. In the base the notes are composed of patchouli and vanilla.

The bottle is adorned with a gold color that envelops the entire bottle.

Women’s Perfumes

Olfactory family: Oriental – Floral

Head note: Tiare, Orange Blossom.

Heart note: Rose, Jasmine.

Base note: Patchouli, Vanilla.

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