Jacadi Tout Petite, the scent of little girls

Jacadi Tout Petite, the scent of little girls
Jacadi Tout Petite, the scent of little girls

Jacadi’s Tout Petite Eau de Soin… Welcome to the childish world of scents for girls!

The history of the Jacadi house takes us back to 1976 and tells us about the ambition of Patrick and Christina Hamelle, a couple eager to create a ready-to-wear brand for children and embodying French chic. The idea was ambitious but the quality was also there. Thus, Jacadi’s success did not take long to emerge, allowing the brand to be exported to Switzerland and the United States. Similarly, Jacadi immediately expanded its offer, making, in addition, several perfumes. The Tout Petite Eau de Soin is a protective fragrance that preserves the skin and introduces little girls to the world of scents.

The Tout Petite perfume, a product for sensitive skin

First of all, be aware that the world of children’s perfumery is highly regulated. Indeed, much more than perfumes for adults, essences for the youngest must meet a whole bunch of qualitative criteria. Above all, they should not irritate the skin or risk causing any allergy whatsoever. Jacadi’s Tout Petite Care Water is a hypoallergenic product, enriched with thermal water, panthenol and moisturizing agents. Over time, L’Eau de Soin Tout Petite takes care of the skin. It perfumes, moisturizes and protects, thus making the skin more radiant every day.

The floral breath of Jacadi Très Petite Eau de Soin

In addition to its benefits for the skin, L’Eau de Soin Tout Petite also has a very attractive scent. Both spring and air, this juice is non-heady. He simply introduces little girls to the olfactory world without ever attacking their still fragile sensory sensors. It all starts with an intense freshness of bergamot and grapefruit. In this sense, the Tout Petite Eau de Soin is somewhat reminiscent of the breath of the Eau de Cologne of yesteryear. Then, her heart becomes more floral and feminine. The freesia here gives off its silky breath. It is also enriched with lily of the valley while orange blossom gives it a more solar and Mediterranean olfactory variation. Finally, L’Eau de Soin Tout Petite ends with a warmer base of sandalwood, musk and cedar.

The Tout Petite perfume bottle, halfway through the world of ready-to-wear

Finally, note that Jacadi’s Eau de Soin Tout Petite is presented in an elegant and sober bottle. In other words, this packaging perfectly matches the idea we have of this renowned brand. No superfluous detail has been added to its visual and one could almost believe that it is a perfume for adults. Only a white and pink label translates the childish universe of this essence. It also immerses us in the atmosphere of Jacadi’s ready-to-wear department. The rest is transparent and limpid, factors that perfectly match the smell contained in this bottle.