Izia: Finally a new Sisley perfume!

Izia de Sisley
Izia de Sisley

Sisley has been diffusing its light and airy Eau de Campagne since the end of the 70s to better enchant us with its bucolic and elegant charm. Since then, three pretty variations under the name of Eau de Sisley and two new fragrances (Soir de lune and Soir d’Orient) have been born. This is to say if the scarce offer of these chic and timeless fragrances gave us hope for a new creation. Finally Izia, the beautiful sophisticated musky floral, will offer us in 2017 the splendor of a new Sisley juice!

Sisley and Izia, French luxury and elegance do not need artifice!

The upcoming release of Sisley’s Izia marks the end of a long wait for lovers of Sisley fragrances. Because the Sisley perfumery sector is hardly a fan of the proliferation of fragrances. Rare is the perfume house that can be proud of having released so few perfumes in so many years while having known how to preserve the same aura. An aura jealously preserved by the Ornano family, still at the head of this prestigious brand that parents Hubert and Isabelle created in 1976.

If Izia will present beautiful olfactory and visual novelties, it should not a priori expect bombastic marketing communications or star muses to sell it. Sisley, a big fan of sobriety, doesn’t want it and doesn’t need it! Thus Izia will be propelled by the quality of its composition much more than by its advertising campaign. An original and qualitative approach that we can only welcome. Moreover Christine d’Ornano, now Managing Director of Sisley, affirms with conviction “We [Sisley] do not seek to have an effect through the name of our products” 1.

So the beautiful Izia will probably be a success, just like the Eau de Campagne in its time, but a success that must be earned and which does not boast of glitter. By the way at Sisley “In make-up and perfumes, we sell elegance. In skincare, we sell quality, results, a sensory moment. “2. All is said !

Izia: a perfume of a sophisticated rose for an assertive and chic femininity

Izia describes herself according to Sisley as “modern, new and multifunctional”. A sign of novelty, the bottle has taken on pretty floral shapes to exhale its note of rose, the star raw material of the perfume. Far from the very classic dressing of Eau de Campagne, Sisley demonstrates with this new bottle for Izia that sophistication also comes through the bottle.

As for the scented composition of Izia, it opens with tangy and fresh top notes of bergamot, punctuated by delicate pink berry spices, an intense power reinforced by the presence of aldehydes. Then the rose diffuses its floral magic to the heart coated with floral notes. The green and powdery facets of angelica energize our beautiful blooming rose. Finally, as traditionally in a Sisley perfume, the depths of Izia’s wake will be marked by a musk-amber blend, this time underlined for Izia by the woody and mysterious freshness of cedar.

If we do not know the origins of the sweet first name given to this new perfume, we can say with certainty that it will not disappoint fans of Sisley perfumery. Izia, like the great rare fragrances of Sisley, will, with its natural elegance, delight women in search of a flowery and amber fragrance made from precious materials.