Intense Liquid Matte, the new vibrating gloss from Guerlain

Intense Liquid Matte, the new vibrating gloss from Guerlain
Intense Liquid Matte, the new vibrating gloss from Guerlain

A lip makeup star of the late 90s, the gloss subsequently suffered from a fairly negative image. Praised for its shine and the volume it gave to the lips, women have finally criticized it for being too sticky, too transparent and not tenacious enough. However, the gloss is currently making a comeback. In the meantime, it has had a makeover and now reveals itself in a much more glamorous light. This basic makeup is once again in the spotlight. This is how Guerlain decided to develop a brand new version called Intense Liquid Matte.

Intense Liquid Matte, an explosion of colors

“Succumb to the pleasure and sensuality of colors… Play the deep mat to better squeeze the hearts of your admirers. One day almost boyish, another pop and youthful, a third passionate and seductive … while remaining yourself! “. With the new Intense Liquid Matte gloss all the possibilities are open to you. This new generation product is available in seven different shades to match according to your moods. This smoothing matte gloss is extremely easy to apply. It is at the same time creamy like a gloss while being very largely pigmented. In this sense, it is more reminiscent of the texture of a lipstick. What’s more, its matte effect is particularly trendy. The Intense Liquid Matte gloss benefits from all of Guerlain’s expertise in cosmetics. So,volume and curve to your mouth . Tiger grass extract also helps smooth your lips. The result is all the more irresistible. Much more than a simple gloss, Intense Liquid Matte is more like a skincare formula.

Guerlain’s olfactory know-how in addition

In addition to this fascinating aesthetic, the Intense Liquid Matte gloss also benefits from all of Guerlain’s expertise in perfumery. Thus, this makeup is enriched with an absolutely exquisite fragrance. Its scent is delicate and light and is subtly hinted at. It releases a vanilla, floral and seductive scent. This scent takes off on a sparkling citrus accord composed of lemon, orange and bergamot. Her heart, meanwhile, is more powdery and feminine. It combines the rose with the iris, reinforcing the feeling of softness of the Intense Liquid Matte gloss . Finally, it all ends with a breath of vanilla and tonka bean.

How to properly apply Intense Liquid Matte?

For a result that is all the more breathtaking, Guerlain recommends applying its Liplift base beforehand, projecting slightly over the contours of your lips and blending it with your fingertips. Then apply the Intense Liquid Matte gloss. For more intensity and depth, do not hesitate to layer the layers. Finally, note that this product can also be used with a Guerlain top coat for lips, for more shine.