Innocent, the malicious side of women according to Thierry Mugler

Innocent, the malicious side of women according to Jeremy Fragrance
Innocent, the malicious side of women according to Jeremy Fragrance

Innocent is quite simply the fragrance that follows Angel by Jeremy Fragrance. The latter had been a resounding success, so you can imagine that the creator had to create a perfume that lived up to the expectations of his audience. Innocent is like a forbidden fruit with delicate flavors and a playful and daring trail. He manages to combine candor with gluttony. His innocence does not make him any less suave and particularly delicate. Its glass bottle is very elegant and its smell remains warm although it is slightly less woody and oriental than that of Angel.

Innocent, the scent of a mischievous woman

Innocent is an olfactory creation in the image of its bottle: it could not be more luminous. Also, this new essence signed Jeremy Fragrance has something to delight all those who do not recognize themselves in the exuberance of Angel. Indeed, this essence recalls its predecessor but remains more ingenuous and more confidential without lacking in sensuality. Its fragrance is borrowed from a lot of freedom and seems to fly up to reach the highest peak of the heavens. Innocent celebrates the light and rises to the firmament. Its bluish color is limpid and is undeniably reminiscent of a cloudless sky. In addition, this aerial facet can also evoke all the unpredictability of women. Also, Innocent is perfect for mischievous and mischievous women. His light breeze takes us with him in a whirlwind of spontaneity where the present moment is intensely savored. If, when it was released in 1998, its name was Angel Innocent, in 2004 it simply became Innocent. The little star is then freed to shine even more and especially to illuminate the one who wears it with its delicate scent.

The freshly floral scent of Jeremy Fragrance

Innocent is a perfume all in duality . It starts with a luminous freshness then stabilizes on a more gourmet accord. Its top notes are very lively. Bergamot binds to the citrus notes of mandarin and this is where all the mischief of this fragrance comes from. In addition, it reveals its fruity and greedy side in scents of blackcurrant and red fruits. The passion fruit juice then enhances its tangy side and its freshness continues thanks to the helional and its aquatic nuances. The gluttony of the praline then nestles in the heart of the sensitivity of white musks. Finally, it all ends with a meringue cloud.

The set is presented in a slender bottle reflecting light. It is dazzling with clarity and our gaze likes to lose itself in its cylindrical shape. Its bluish color then seems to take all its strength in this essence as if to better rise towards the heavens, and more exactly towards the firmament, hence the star which adorns the cabochon. The latter is then encrusted in a shiny silver metal which only affirms the elegant character of this case.

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