Illusion Captive 1898, the dragonfly fragrance by Lalique

Illusion Captive, the dragonfly fragrance from Lalique
Illusion Captive, the dragonfly fragrance from Lalique

The Lalique house is a true icon of luxury. It first distinguished itself in the field of glassware and jewelry. It is above all famous for its jewels and its iconic wines. However, over the years, this renowned brand has diversified. She thus won the perfume sector without ever forgetting her origins. There is now only one step from goldsmithing to the olfactory world. Once again, Lalique has chosen to interweave these two worlds and created the Illusion Captive perfume.

Illusion Captive, a fragrance from the Noir Premier Collection

As if to pay tribute to its visionary spirit and its tradition of innovation, Lalique designed the Noir Premier Collection a few years ago . This blend of perfumes was designed to remind us of the greatest works of the Lalique house. It is a tribute to the major milestones in its history and initially brought together five exceptional fragrances. All were inspired by a rich heritage and a luxurious heritage while adding a very modern and contemporary style.

Of course, each of the juices from the Noir Premier Collection brings together exceptional raw materials. Most of the time, the bottles in the Noir Premier Collection are abstract and figurative. Symbolic motifs of Lalique’s finest pieces are engraved on their glass walls. However, it is all this condensed refinement that we find in the Illusion Captive perfume.

A tribute to the Libellule by Lalique

To be more precise, know that Illusion Captive is inspired by the Libellule brooch by René Lalique. The centerpiece of this exceptional jeweler, it is a strong symbol of Art Nouveau. Indeed, the Dragonfly is inspired by nature and moreover allowed Lalique to conquer the Orient and more particularly the Japanese. The Libellule de Lalique is thus present on its glass walls but also on the cardboard box of this species. The design of its wings covers the entire packaging of Illusion Captive and gives it a little crackle that is as elegant as it is atypical.

The rich and complex recipe of Illusion Captive

From then on, all we have to do is discover the Illusion Captive recipe. To make this perfume, the Lalique house called on the perfumer Karine Dubreuil-Sereni. Illusion Captive begins with a fresh and fruity sensation. She assembles bergamot and fig. His heart, meanwhile, plays on contrasts. On the one hand, jasmine reinforces its opulence and clarity. On the other, the cinnamon sets it ablaze and gives it a more spicy breath. The bottom of Illusion Captive then becomes more and more woody. It contains cedar, patchouli, tonka bean and cistus. Vanilla and myrrh end up sublimating the whole of this composition and enveloping it on the one hand warmer and smoother.

From then on, Illusion Captive becomes a particularly sensual fragrance.