Illicit Flower by Jimmy Choo

Illicit Flower by Jimmy Choo
Illicit Flower by Jimmy Choo

The provocative femininity of Jimmy Choo’s new Illicit Flower fragrance

After the appearance of the Illicit perfume in 2015, Jimmy Choo was quick to reinterpret it to relaunch, in 2016, a variation of its flavor more musky than before. This one is called Illicit Flower and is aimed directly at a daring woman, in a real floral, fruity and woody impulse. This new juice then gives thanks to all the beauties in the world, and more particularly to women. Indeed, as Sandra Chol, artistic director of the Jimmy Choo brand, explains: “the 21st century is advancing at such a rapid pace that we often forget to stop to admire the wonders that surround us”. Thus, Illicit Flower invites you to take the time to admire the elegance and poetry of femininity.

Jimmy Choo’s bubbly and provocative wife

As always, Jimmy Choo seems to have stayed perfectly in line with his very feminine and slightly provocative style. Indeed, Jimmy Choo is a brand as daring as it is glamorous, defining itself by a strong style worthy of all the independence of current women. This was born from the imagination of Jimmy Choo himself, in the East End of London, at the beginning of the 90s. It is therefore a fairly recent sign which fits perfectly into our time. contemporary. Also, it is precisely this avant-garde luxury that we find in the Illicit Flower perfume. This one is intended for an attractive and attractive woman, who likes to take risks and has a strong character. So, if you are one of those people who like to enjoy life to the fullest and challenge the established order,

La fragrance contrastée d’Illicit Flower

On the scent side, this translates into a gourmet, floral and woody accord. Illicit Flower is a fragrance that was developed by one of the most fashionable perfumers of the moment, namely the famous Anne Flipo. Everything is revealed at first via fruity flavors. The velvety and sweet flesh of apricot mingles with the tangy freshness of mandarin. Then, the whole is very quickly relayed by a more floral heart. This reveals in particular the opulence of jasmine associated with the clarity of the grapefruit flower as well as the romanticism of the rose. Moreover, the poetic world of the latter does not take long to transform into a real breath of sensuality. Illicit Flower ends with woody and creamy flavors of sandalwood and cashmere wood. The musk, meanwhile, finishes sublimating the whole with a more erotic breath.

The elaborate aesthetic of Illicit Flower

Illicit Flower is then delivered to us in a beautiful bottle. This one is both very contemporary while being loaded with very strong Art Deco codes. Round in shape, its base is entirely dotted with stripes sculpted in volume. The whole is topped with a cubic-shaped cabochon and tinted with a mirrored silver metal. Everything is very elegant and has swapped its golden color of yesteryear for a softer pink worthy of all the femininity it contains.