IKKS Little Woman gift set, sparkling scented novelty

the Little Woman box, a new sparkling fragrance from IKKS
the Little Woman box, a new sparkling fragrance from IKKS

Little Woman from IKKS offers itself a feminine and sparkling box

Little Woman is a perfume that fits perfectly into the world of the IKKS house. It is both very feminine while displaying a particularly contemporary style. It is aimed at young girls today who are not afraid to assume their desires and their freedom. It is a digest of spontaneity, bringing together a fresh, floral, fruity and aromatic scent. Little Woman is a fragrance for lolitas, and it now comes in an elegant box .

The scent full of joie de vivre of Little Woman

Little Woman is a particularly feminine essence that is aimed at young aspiring women who already have a strong character. It begins with a fresh liveliness here of bergamot, cardamom and lavender. Then, a floral heart takes over. The airy clarity of lily of the valley rubs against the powdery scent of violet. A more fruity and juicy peach softens the whole. The opulence of jasmine is still present in its wake. It is nevertheless coated with tonka bean and amber.

The IKKS box

For the occasion, Little Woman is unveiled in an all-pink box, perfectly matched to its bottle. Its front face is decorated with a rose. This time, the IKKS perfume is presented to us in a 100 ml spray bottle . It comes with three custom fabric patches, to be sewn on any type of support, whether it is a bag or your clothes. Thanks to this box, the IKKS woman will be able to express all her personality and spontaneity.