Hypnotic Poison now available in Roller Pearl

Hypnotic Poison now available in Roller Pearl
Hypnotic Poison now available in Roller Pearl

Hypnotic Poison Roller Pearl, when Dior reinvents perfume

The Dior house is famous around the world, both for its innate sense of refinement, but also for its creative spirit and inventiveness. The brand is constantly developing new recipes to perfect its existing products. Thus, Dior’s recipes are constantly enriched, just like these containers. Today, the brand reveals a new way to perfume ourselves. Hypnotic Poison reinvents itself becomes Roller Pearl Hypnotic Poison, a sulphurous fragrance to take absolutely everywhere with you!

Hypnotic Poison, the scent of a seductress

Hypnotic Poison is a juice that made its appearance in 1998, as if to address the most tempting and exuberant women of our time. Designed for all those who are not cold-eyed, it is a sort of seductive and bewitching elixir, on the border between hell and paradise, elegance and eroticism. Surrounded by mystery, it deploys its insidious charm in your daily life and delivers thrills to you. As if inspired by your most shameful fantasies, it bewitches the world with its contrasting fragrance rich in emotions.

The intoxicating smell of Hypnotic Poison Roller Pearl

Hypnotic Poison Roller Pearl is a fragrance from the East, particularly sensual. “Imbued with a conquering and insolent spirit, Hypnotic Poison is an Oriental who jostles and challenges”.

Based on very contrasting facets, it combines the sweetness of almond and carnal vanilla with a more consensual and floral accord of sambac jasmine. These are the three main flavors of his recipe. The almond, creamy as you wish, makes its appearance from its top notes. It is then relayed by jasmine, one of the flowers most used by perfumers. Very appreciated by women for its lightness and elegance, jasmine gives this juice a more solar and luminous radiance. Vanilla, meanwhile, warms the whole in its base notes. L is the essential ingredient of its magnetic wake, and is accompanied for the occasion by a more animal musk. Star anise, in turn, gives a spicier relief to Hypnotic Poison Roller Pearl.

The new bottle of Hypnotic Poison Roller Pearl

Besides its scent, Hypnotic Poison Roller Pearl will seduce you with its new generation bottle. Its bottle is the result of all the inventiveness of the Dior house and undeniable know-how. Hypnotic Poison Roller Pearl is presented to us in a red bottle that says a lot about its passionate and sulphurous side. At the top of this glass building sits a pearl-shaped mouthpiece that delivers the right dose of perfume, without any loss. Your favorite fragrance deploys its scent precisely where you want it.

What is more, Hypnotic Poison Roller Pearl has a nomadic 20ml format, perfectly suited to travel and completely airtight. Once its cap is properly screwed on, it can be carried in any bag. From now on, your favorite perfume will never leave you! Hypnotic Poison Roller Pearl becomes an ideal companion for all your small olfactory touch-ups. It makes the pleasure of your perfume last over and over again …