Clarins Sun Spray Non-Greasy Lotion Medium Protection SPF 15

Clarins Sun Spray Non-Greasy Lotion Medium Protection SPF 15
Clarins Sun Spray Non-Greasy Lotion Medium Protection SPF 15

Protect your skin on a daily basis with Clarins Non-Greasy Protection Sun Spray

Since its creation in 1954, the Clarins brand sublimates the beauty of your skin and preserves your body. Its ever-more in-depth research allows it to develop its products and meet your expectations as well as possible. If you’re looking for everyday sun protection, we’ve got you covered! Focus on Clarins Non-Greasy Protection Sun Spray.

The effect of the sun on your body

We cannot say it enough: when summer comes, it is essential to protect your skin to face the aggressions of UV rays. This is why Clarins offers a whole host of products that help fight against attacks from the sun’s rays. These treatments act as real protective shields. They prevent your skin from thickening, losing its radiance and aging prematurely. What’s more, thanks to Clarins, forget about the sticky creams of yesteryear. The Non-Greasy Protection Sun Spray is as effective as it is pleasant.

The Non-Greasy Protection Sun Spray, an ideal product for moderate sunshine

Know that it is essential to choose your sun protection according to your exposure to the sun. Thus, the Non- Greasy Protection Sun Spray is suitable if you have already tanned skin and you are exposed to moderate sunshine. It is a protection perfectly adapted to everyday life. To optimize its defenses, we still advise you to renew its application frequently and to combine its advantages with the use of an after-sun product.

The benefits of the Non-Greasy Protection Sun Spray

Clarins Non-Greasy Protection Sun Spray optimizes your skin’s defense and increases your skin resistance. It hydrates and protects your body while making your tan even more radiant and even. For this, it combines the benefits of many natural ingredients. Be aware, however, that, for even more convincing effects, we recommend that you erase your skin before exposing yourself. Your golden tan will be even more resplendent!

Sun Spray Lotion Non-Greasy Medium Protection UVA / UVB 15…

Fondant, sun care for already tanned skin or moderate sunshine. This sun spray offers good cellular protection, with the golden ear, the plane tree, the olive tree, the baobab, the pea …

For an even more radiant and even tan, exfoliate the body a few days before the first exposure with one of the Clarins scrubs. Choose the right sun care products for your skin type. Favor high indices for the first few days. Renew the application frequently. To prolong the tan and further strengthen the quality of the skin, apply a Clarins After-Sun Care in the evening.

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