Clarins Revitalizing Water Velvety Body Cream

Clarins Revitalizing Water Velvety Body Cream
Clarins Revitalizing Water Velvety Body Cream

All the benefits of a beauty salon treatment with Clarins Eau Ressourçante Velvety Body Cream

Since its creation over 60 years ago, Clarins has never stopped perfecting its products. Nevertheless, it is also famous for its many beauty salons offering unique relaxation and soothing sessions. Very attentive to its customers, Clarins provides them with an unprecedented sensory experience in the service of their beauty. Inspired by the relaxation granted by its exceptional treatments, Clarins has developed the Eau Ressourçante Veloutée Body Cream. This body product is a real concentrate of comfort and softness at the service of your skin.

Moisturize your skin, an essential gesture

The skin is a fragile and sensitive tissue. However, it is also your body’s first barrier to come into contact with the outside environment. As a result, she suffered multiple assaults. To help him cope with this hostile environment, it is covered with a hydrolipidic film. This shield works permanently but can sometimes be altered when conditions are too extreme. Thus, pollution, a poor lifestyle or significant temperature differences are all things that can weaken it. However, when its hydrolipidic film is damaged, the skin can lose part of its water reserves. She dries up and becomes uncomfortable. What’s more, it makes her more vulnerable and causes her to age prematurely. This is why helping it by moisturizing it is absolutely essential.

Relaxation, a well-being gesture that can be seen on your body

In addition to hydration, it is also important to feel good about your body so that this is noticeable in the appearance of your skin. Indeed, our life is sometimes very stressful and does not leave much room for moments of relaxation. However, the practice of relaxation helps to fight against fatigue, depression and overwork. It reduces anxiety and its benefits are felt even on your outer beauty. That’s why Clarins doesn’t just hydrate your skin. The brand also tries to bring you comfort and appeasement in its care.

The benefits of the Eau Ressourçante Velvety Body Cream

Clarins’ Eau Ressourçante Velvety Body Cream will seduce you with its smoothness and generosity. This body cream releases a pleasant fragrance based on essential oils and plant extracts. Consequently, it also benefits from all of Clarins’ expertise in aromatherapy and herbal medicine. Its velvety touch is suitable for massages. At the same time, the Eau Ressourçante Velvety Body Cream moisturizes and softens the skin. Its trail brings together basil, iris, cedar and benzoin, a mixture of scents that are both fresh and reassuring. Never will a moisturizer have you so relaxed and the Eau Ressourçante Velvety Body Cream could represent the five minutes of comfort that you will not be able to do without at the end of your day.