Clarins – Multi-Reducing Masvelt Cream

Clarins Masvelt Cream
Clarins Masvelt Cream

Clarins reformulates Masvelt Cream for a more complete action

Refining, Firming, Embellishing Masvelt Cream

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Controlled rebellious curves! The cream as powerful as it is benevolent, which combines a triple refining, firming and beautifying effectiveness with an infinitely tender texture designed for massage.

A soft and melting massage cream specially designed for rebellious curves of the waist, stomach, hips and arms.
– Reduces rebellious curves.
– Firms and tones the skin.
– Eliminates roughness, moisturizes and softens the skin.
– Facilitates the massage which accelerates the results.

Admire this silhouette! Watch this magnificent body take shape in style with a targeted moisturizer that reshapes, firms, tones and reduces stretch marks. The slimming cream minimizes the orange peel effect around the waist, stomach, hips and arms. Its soft and melting texture with smoothing bamboo extracts promotes the softness and suppleness of the skin. Ideal for a massage.

Apply a nut of Masvelt in specific massages according to the zones concerned: in circular smoothing on stomach, waist, hips and in smoothing from bottom to top on arms and knees.
Poppy extract: accelerates the destocking of fats and slows down the insatallation of new fats.

Organic quince extract: helps improve the elasticity and firmness of the skin.

Hibiscus flower acids, betaine: help hydrate and smooth the skin.

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