Clarins High Requirement Day Cream

Clarins High Requirement Day Cream
Clarins High Requirement Day Cream

Clarins High Requirement Day Cream, the ally for very dry skin

The Clarins house was born in 1954 and has continued to improve over the decades. Well aware that each person is different, she often offers her care creams in different formulas suitable for different types of skin. Thus, the same cream can be suitable for dry skin and have an equivalent for oily skin. Therefore, Clarins sticks as closely as possible to your needs. Its anti-aging cream is therefore naturally available in a richer recipe, specifically adapted to sensitive and fragile skin. Focus on the High Demand Day Cream for Very Dry Skin.

Why do some people have dry skin?

Some people have drier skin by nature. But, do you really know why? The skin forms a protective barrier between the body and the external environment. It is not completely waterproof, because it continuously rejects a certain number of substances and must also be able to absorb them. This is why we lose part of our water reserves through the skin every day. To limit this loss of water, the skin surface is protected by multiple cells which are linked together by lipids. These prevent evaporation. However, when the epidermis contains too little liquid, the skin is less tight and becomes drier. When your skin feels tight, it is simply because it lacks liquid. It is therefore often necessary to feed it.

The High Requirement Day Cream for Very Dry Skin, an anti-aging treatment

The Super Restorative Day Cream Very Dry Skin Clarins is an anti-aging intensive care. Indeed, dry skin tends to age prematurely. Wrinkles deepen more strongly, and you must therefore act accordingly. The High Requirement Day Cream for Very Dry Skin instantly illuminates and smoothes the skin. The epidermis appears redensified and deep wrinkles are reduced. At the same time, Clarins High Demand Very Dry Skin Day Cream lifts the face and fights against sagging skin. It nourishes and hydrates the skin while preventing the formation of elementary tasks. Finally, it acts as a real protective shield and protects your face from the harmful effects of the environment.

The natural ingredients used by Clarins

To obtain such results, Clarins High Requirement Day Cream for Very Dry Skin combines many ingredients. Nevertheless, two of them stand out from the rest for their power and efficiency. The High Requirement Day Cream for Very Dry Skin contains harungana, a real elixir of youth. It is a tree growing in Madagascar, long recognized for its therapeutic properties. These leaves serve locally as an antiseptic and healing. Harungana also relieves skin infections. Here it is used to promote the synthesis of collagen. It immediately makes the skin firmer. It is associated with shea butter, an ingredient that durably nourishes the skin and makes it softer day after day.