Biotherm Eau Relax

Biotherm Eau Relax
Biotherm Eau Relax

Thanks to Biotherm and its range of Perfumed Waters, the treatment takes on the appearance of perfume and the perfume nourishes our skin with an effective treatment. Under the apparent simplicity, behind all the creations of Eau Biotherm are treasures of cosmetological and olfactory technologies. So inevitably when you are told that in 2017 Biotherm will offer you Eau Relax, your skin breathes and your perfumes fear its return …

L’Eau Relax where the magic of a Biotherm perfume treatment …

Thanks to Vitamin Water released in 1997, we have discovered the pleasure of perfuming ourselves while offering our skin an energizing, moisturizing and protective treatment. Composed of natural raw materials and active agents at the height of the exceptional quality of Biotherm products, Eau Vitaminée will be the very first success of this scented range which will however wait almost ten years before reappearing.

Thanks to the winning return of this beautiful range marked by Eau d’Énergie in 2006, the famous cosmetics brand created in 1952 will never cease to amaze our noses, conquered by waters, each more magnificent than the next. Now eight in number and then nine with Eau Relax, Biotherm has prepared a veritable army of olfactory and cosmetic products, as well worked on by researchers in cosmetology as by great creators of perfumery such as Antoine Maisondieu for Eau Fraîche or Fabrice Pellegrin for Eau Océane.

If the marketing communication around Biotherm waters mainly involves exotic, fruity or natural visuals, we can undoubtedly hope that Eau Relax will be wonderfully represented by a soothing image that will give us the irresistible desire to dive into its scented mist.

L’Eau Relax just to relax in the middle of citrus fruits and woods

The Eau de Biotherm appear since their creation in a small sober bottle reminding us that this perfume is above all a care. However, the Waters take on very bright and summery colors every year to represent their types of fragrances. New in 2016, Eau Soleil juice was even adorned with some iridescent reflections in gradation of its bright orange. For Eau Relax, this iridescent effect will be reproduced in a similar way in soothing and soft tones of peach pink.

Eau Relax will offer us a relaxation of body and mind thanks to a lovely scent walk, but this does not prevent it from launching from the top notes tangy and dynamic notes of bergamot and orange. The cardamom, in the heart will soften this breeze of freshness with a delicate breeze of spicy sweetness. Finally the wooded depths take us with velvety steps to the confines of our summer walk.

After having already offered eight sublime fragrances, Biotherm persists and signs its treatment in 2017 with Eau Relax. Under a deceptively simplistic appearance, the Waters are real perfumes of skin ready to embalm our bodies with their powerful scents. So after spending the summer of 2016 with Eau Soleil, it seems totally out of the question to spend the summer of 2017 without Eau Relax.