Annayake reinvents hydration: 24h Shower Care

Annayake reinvents hydration: 24h Shower Care
Annayake reinvents hydration: 24h Shower Care

The skin covers our entire body in addition to protecting it from multiple external aggressions. However, the latter remains fragile and that is why it is essential to protect it. The best way to fight against everyday attacks is to hydrate it properly. In this sense, the Annayake brand offers us a whole range of extremely moisturizing products. In addition, its 24h Shower Care will help you provide the hydration necessary for your skin continuously from early morning until evening.

Annayake’s expertise and authenticity

Annayake is a Japanese brand that offers a very wide range of cosmetic products . It benefits from an expertise dating back more than 80 years. Thus, it’s a little less than a century of research that is offered to you in each of the brand’s products. On the other hand, although Annayake is characterized by ever more innovative formulas, it respects a tradition dating back more than 2000 years. Each of its products is made from precious active ingredients and original formulas.

Like many Annayake items, the 24h Shower Care is thus both very innovative while being perfectly anchored in Japanese tradition. The natural active ingredients necessary for its preparation are always cultivated with the purest respect for nature and local populations. Thus, Annayake offers us the best the planet has and makes us travel all around the world without making us leave our bathroom.

The benefits of nature at the heart of the 24h Shower Care

The 24h Shower Care is a cleansing product developed for daily use. Thus, numerous dermatological tests have been carried out so that it does not cause any allergy or any inconvenience.

On the contrary, the 24h Shower Care contains hyaluronic acid and pomegranate extract. These two raw materials have many advantages and guarantee the epidermis maximum hydration throughout the day.

Hyaluronic acid is also used in aesthetic medicine because it has many qualities. It is considered to be a benchmark product in terms of cosmetology, making it possible to fight against aging and the signs of aging. Its moisturizing properties allow water to be retained in the tissues just like a sponge. In addition, know that a molecule of hyaluronic acid can fix and attract up to 1000 times its weight in water!

In addition, hyaluronic acid has antioxidant properties to protect the epidermis against UV rays. Finally, its volumizing properties give more elasticity to the skin. Pomegranate extract, on the other hand, is also considered to be a “superfruit”. The pomegranate has been used for millennia for its medicinal benefits.

Whether it’s his skin or his tannin, everything about him is antioxidant. In addition, pomegranate, along with green tea and grapes, is one of the three most powerful antioxidants in the world. It is therefore all the benefits of these two ingredients that are found at the heart of Annayake 24h Shower Care.